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CRIMINAL LAW in Llano, Lampasa & Burnet, TX

None of us expect to ever need a criminal defense attorney, but sometimes even the most honorable people find themselves in circumstances which require them to seek out the services of an attorney with experience in the criminal law field of practice.

Most attorneys do not keep up with the constant changing of criminal laws and rules of evidence necessary to properly represent and defend a person charged with a crime.  How is the best way to find a criminal defense attorney in your area that will best represent you and give you the proper advice if you find yourself or a loved one charged with or under suspicion of a crime.  The answer is pretty simple if you just think about how to find the best of any profession.  You should ask an attorney in that area that does not practice criminal trial law and ask their advice for the name or names of a good criminal trial attorney.  Ask them who they would hire if they found themselves charged with a crime.  Our firm is so confident in our criminal defense reputation throughout the Lampasas, Burnet, Blanco, and Llano area that we encourage you to ASK YOUR FAMILY OR REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY ABOUT OUR FIRM.

If you are in the need of a criminal defense trial attorney or DUI attorney in Burnet and Lampasas, TX or surrounding areas, please review our Criminal Law page for more detail.


We all try to deal fairly in our business transactions, but no matter how hard we try to do what is right many times we find ourselves in a dispute with another person with whom we did business.  It is important to get a trial lawyer involved as early as possible in this dispute.  Whether you are a Plaintiff or a Defendant in this dispute many laws require timely demands and notices before you can recover for or defend certain claims.  Failure to make the proper claims or make fair offers of settlement could result in multiple damages and recovery of attorney fees either being granted or denied.  If you find yourself needing to bring a civil claim or needing to defend a civil claim against you, please review our business litigation page for more detail'


Divorce can be one of the most emotional times of a person's life especially when there are children involved.  Although family law is the least favorite of any attorney's case load, it can many times be the most rewarding.  We handle all different types of divorces from estates worth millions to uncontested Divorces with no or little property.  We have handled cases with mutual agreements between husband and wife as to what is best for their children to week long custody fights.  No matter what your circumstances you will find our firm a friendly and understanding firm willing to listen to your concerns.  If you are in the need of a family law trial attorney, please review our family law page for more detail.


Automobile accidents or any other type of personal injury can leave a family in financial ruin.  The insurance companies know this and use this knowledge to try and get the injured person to settle for pennies on the dollar.  They don't care about your true medical condition, pain and suffering, lost wages, or permanent disfigurement or disabilities.

Following any serious automobile accident don't make the mistake of dealing with an insurance adjustor on your own.  We can provide a personal injury attorney in Llano, TX who will take cases on a percentage of what is recovered.  No retainer is necessary for a personal injury attorney at Mock & Brown, and you only pay if you recover.

If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in Lampasas, Burnet, TX or surrounding areas, please review our personal injury page for more details.


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